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The office is open these hours:

Monday: 10-4

Tuesday: 10-4

Wednesday: 10-4

Thursday: 10-4

Friday: closed
Grounds open by appointment


Phone: 02 6041 3417
Mobile: 0417 688 852

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Congratulations to United - Division 1 Men Premiers

United 4 (David Foster, Ryan Heagney, Henry Macqueen, Shaun Moore) defeated Wodonga 3 (Albon Ethan 3)

Best on Ground: Ryan Heagney


Congratulations to Falcons - Division 1 Women Premiers

Falcons 5 (Jess Madden 3, Kate Bardy, Alison Stock) defeated Norths 3 (Pippa Best, Niamh Morrison, Sherren Rahaley)

Best on Ground: Jess Madden


Congratulations to Falcons- Division 2 Men Premiers

Falcons 3 (Brodie Hamilton, Maximilian Hobbs, Robert Smith) defeated United 1 (Campbell Cull, Matthew Davis)

Best on Ground: Matt Bardy


Congratulations to Norths - Division 2 Women Premiers

Norths 2 (Megan Ross, Linda Sumbler) defeated Wodonga 0 

Best on Ground: Linda Sumbler


Congratulations to United - Division 3 Men Premiers

United 1 (Keith Jesshope) defeated Norths 1

Best on Ground: Troy McSweeney


Congratulations to Wodonga White- Division 3 Women Premiers

Wodonga White 2 (Clare Brereton, Anna Novak) defeated Wangaratta 1 (Simone Hill-Rennie)

Best on Ground: Anna Novak


Congratulations to Norths - Masters Women Premiers

Norths 3 (Kath Donnolley, Emma Pizzey, Bec Wall) defeated Beechworth-Wodonga 1 (Jo Slijkerman)

Best on Ground: Merryn White


Congratulations to Magpies - 17 Boys Premiers

Magpies 4 (Hamish Morrison, Daniel Proos, Isaac Simpson, Ryan Yensch,) defeated Norths 0

Best on Ground: Hamish Morrison


Congratulations to United - 17 Girls Premiers

United 4 (Charisma Burns, Chloe Burns, Bella Green, Bella Heagney) defeated Norths 0

Best on Ground: Bella Gren


Congratulations to United - U14 Boys Premiers

United 5 (Tanner Cull 2, Ethan Sorensen 2, James Fitzgibbon) defeated Falcons 0 

Best on Ground: Tanner Cull


Congratulations to Falcons - U14 Girls Premiers

Magpies 6 (Elisha Bardy 2, Addysen Emblin 2, Ella Nelson, Evie Sandow) defeated Norths 2 (Jemah Mann 2)

Best on Ground: Mia Klimpsch


Congratulations to Scots - U12 Boys Premiers

Scots 3 (Charlie Brown, Jenna Dickins, Alistair Merritt,) defeated Magpies 0

Best on Ground: Jenna Dickens


Congratulations to Norths - U12 Girls Premiers

Norths 2 (Isabelle Boyd, Lyla Pizzey) defeated United 1 (Macy Douch)

Best on Ground: Jasmine Poulton


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