Nomination form

The 2022 Twilight competitions will run weekly at the Albury Hockey Centre on Tuesday & Thursday nights starting on 18 October and 20 October respectively.  Fixture times will depend on number of teams entered.

Tuesday night is for the Open competition and Thursday night is for the U17 competiton (see details on the form).

The Nomination Form is at the bottom of this page and is due on Sunday 2 October 2022 and has further details.  Any issues please contact the HAW office.


Rules for HAW Spring Twilight

  • Mixed teams are to be made up of no more than 5 male field players at any given time (unless agreed by captains prior to start of game).  Note that a male player is any male, regardless of experience who is 14 or older at the time of the competition
  • Games are 25 minutes halves with a 5 minute half time
  • Games are to start on time.  Games that are scheduled for 5.30, 6.30 & 7.30 are to finish at 6.25, 7.25 and 8.25 regardless of the time they start, and any delays injuries during the game.
  • Each team is rostered to umpire either the game before them or the game after them up to 4 times during the season
  • If your team has to forfeit, please contact the opposition team (details below) as early as possible before the game.  If you forfeit and have an umpire duty for that evening, you still must umpire (or organise one).
  • Changes to the time or location of the game can only take place with agreement of both teams
  • The team playing the last game on a field is responsible for turning off the lights & scoreboard and putting the scoreboard controller away
  • Twilight fees can be transferred after each game or paid in full
  • Teams may  be  charged a penalty of $25 for each game they do not umpire without consultation and agreement by the teams playing. If teams agree to self-umpire and advise the umpiring team of this there is no charge.
  • The weekly team fee must be paid even if there is a forfeit.
  • All juniors (U18) must wear a mouthguard and shin pads to take the field
  • All players must be registered with Hockey ACT for insurance
  • NO glass is to be brought into the grounds and no alcohol is to be consumed while playing
  • All players and spectators are to remember that we are a Good Sports organisation and behave accordingly
  • Competition to be played in a social spirit as there are varying age and ability groups.  As such, there are to be no:
  •   *tomahawks, overheads or airborne balls
  •   *big hits into the circle or at goals
  •   *big hits towards younger or inexperienced players
  • Experienced players (those who have played hockey for a season and are 14 or older) are to slap hit or push the ball – no hitting. If a team has no goalie then any short corner awarded to their opposition will be taken as a long corner.


Entry fee per team is $584.00 total / $73 per week.