Name From To
Tas Kearney Wodonga Magpies
Nathan Sutherland Wodonga Magpies
Riley Sutherland Wodonga Magpies
Patrick Bahr Wodonga Pine Hills, Qld
Dionne Hartley Falcons Norths
Shane Mitchell Wodonga Norths
Oliver Neil Beechworth Magpies
Jessica Brown Magpies Monash University
Daniel O'Halloran Wodonga Magpies
Marianne O'Halloran Wodonga Magpies
Letesha O'Halloran Wodonga Magpies
Sharakena O'Halloran Wodonga Magpies
Sharon Kidd Falcons Magpies
Michael Purchall Wombats Magpies
Jake Telford Wombats Magpies
David Christy Wombats Magpies
Oliver Rennie Wombats Magpies
Jamie Eley Wombats Magpies
Jarrod Mossop Wombats Magpies
Bridgid Smits United ANU
Amy Hollister Mooroopna United
Ava Christie Scots Wombats
Tim Smith Sydney University United
Lucy Turner Wombats Norths
Nicole Rennie Wombats  Magpies
Nick Rennie Wombats Magpies
Mark Peter Wombats United
Robert Smith Falcons Commerce Pints HC
Stella Moeliker Manly Warringah Wombats
Tess Palubiski Falcons United
Shon Francis Beechworth Magpies
David Farrant Beechworth Norths
Louise Wicks Falcons Magpies
Alex Rennie Wombats Magpies
Emma Stones United Uni of Wollongong
Georgina Springer Derwent Wombats
Rachel Jacks Wombats Norths
Ella Therkildsen United Scots
Laura Harris Wodonga Wombats
Ben Mundy Wodonga Frankston HC
Roy Dunnett-DeJong Bayside HC Wodonga
Jane Verbunt Wombats Beechworth
Summer Sutherland Wodonga Magpies
Macey Sutherland Wodonga Magpies
Reece Bartlett United Wodonga
Todd Russell Falcons Wombats
Jaymie Plas Norths East Darwin Storm
Kevin Innes Falcons Wombats


Name From To
Eloise McCormick Magpies Beechworth
Eliza Gray Beechworth Magpies
Ellie Jarratt Beechworth Magpies
Laura Errey Magpies Beechworth
Jolie Wheeler United Falcons
Tess Palubiski United Falcons
Angus Potter Norths Wodonga
Georgie Potter Norths Wodonga
Georgia McCormick Magpies Beechworth
Eliza Brown Wodonga Wombats
Faith Baker United Scots
Merryn White Beechworth Norths
Zac Telford Wombats Magpies
Jade Mann Tuggeranong HAW
Grace Ronnfeldt ANU HAW
Esme Currie United Beechworth
Tate Bevan Wangaratta Wodonga
Charlie Dunstan Wangaratta Wodonga
Henry Dunstan Wangaratta Wodonga
Jack Dunstan Wangaratta  Wodonga
Thomas Browne Adelaide HC Wombats
Lachlan Thompson Echuca/Moama Falcons
Sarah Porter Wombats Falcons
Tatiana Rouch Norths Beechworth
Francis Duncan Magpies Wodonga
Melissa Tanner Wombats Magpies
Andrew Nixon Wombats Wodonga
Kate Moyle Wombats Scots
Christie Ava Wombats Scots
Ellen Ring Wombats Scots
Michael Menzie Beechworth Norths
Scott Sippel United Norths
Logan Wilford United Magpies
Grant Sawyer United Magpies
Rachael Jacks Falcons Wombats
Kelly Purchall Wombats Magpies
Bonnie Baker CR United Magpes
Ella Therkildsen Scots United
Caleb Therkildsen Scots United
Bailey Drummond
Dylan Drummond
Eliza Brown Wombats Wodonga
Tas Kearney Magpies Wodonga
Audrey Nakagawa Scots Norths
Jane Keely Wangaratta Beechworth
Tom Hynes Falcons Wodonga
Rowan Frazer Scots Wombats
Manpreet Gill Falcons Wombats
Keith Thompson Wodonga Falcons
Name From To
Abygail Hurst Magpies Wodonga
Hudson Erskine Wombats Wodonga
Rebecca Stabler Scots Falcons
Janessa Purtell Norths Magpies
Krystina McFerran United Wodonga
Beth Simpson Scots Norths
Lauren Calleja Wombats Falcons
Dave Nixon Wombats Falcons
Chevelle Dunn United Canning WA
Matthew Davis Wodonga United
Tasman Kearney Beechworth Magpies
Francis Duncan Beechworth Magpies
Liam McMullen Beechworth
Joe Forster Beechworth
Grace Pretty Magpies Wombats
Liz Murphie Wodonga Magpies
Nathan White Beechworth Wodonga
Katelin Jobbins Norths Falcons
Kiera Hermannson Magpies Wombats
Steve Kerr Tallangatta Norths
Jenny Moyle Scots Wombats
Kate Moyle Scots Wombats
Chantel Lavis Beechworth Magpies
Tom Hynes Wodonga Falcons
Hannah Pretty Magpies Wombats
Brooke Hardie Norths Wodonga
Amy Newsom Norths Magpies
Zachary Newsom Norths Magpies
Abygail Hurst Wodonga Magpies
Nicholas Wilkinson Scots Norths
James Wilkinson Scots Norths
Dylan Drummond Norths Magpies
Bailey Drummond Norths Magpies
Samuel Naissen Scots Norths
Barbara Strachan Scots United
Storm Crothers Beechworth Magpies
Holly Rasmussen Tamworth Wombats
Miriam Franzi Bobcats Beechworth
Rory Holloway Scots Norths
Daniel Moore Magpies Norths
Natasha Towne Falcons not named
Jolie Wheeler Wodonga United
Kerrie Brown Wodonga
not named
Nicole Rennie Wodonga
James Towne Falcons Norths
Tatiana Rouch Wodonga Norths
Samantha Nelson Wodonga Magpies

Name From To
Daniel O'Halloran CR United Wodonga
Sharakena O'Halloran CR United Wodonga
Marianne O"Halloran CR United Wodonga
Letesha O'Halloran CR United Wodonga
Vermolen Connor CR United Magpies
Harrison North Wangaratta Falcons
Sam Ellis Magpies Norths
Oliver Henderson Wombats Norths
Cody Smart Wombats Norths
Matt Smart Wombats Norths
Oscar Smart Wombats Norths
Nick Clarke Falcons Norths
Stephanie Bracher Wodonga Falcons
Jade Mann Strikers/Norths Tuggeranong
Kerry Mann Magpies Norths
Despina Valamios Wombats Falcons
Chris Wright Beechworth Magpies
Oscar McMullen Beechworth Magpies
Robert Smith Magpies Falcons
Kauri Rouch Beechworth Magpies
Joshua Fagan Norths CR United
Bernadette Cameron Scots Norths
Ben Van Kesteren Wombats Falcons
Liam Briggs Falcons Wodonga
Sarah Macleod Wombats Scots
Jo MacKenzie Wombats Wodonga
Crystal Harris Wombats Norths
James Ellis Wombats Norths
Luke Stribley Beechworth Falcons
Daniel Moore Wangaratta Magpies
Jasmin Fraser Wodonga Wombats
Filippo Martinotti Scots Wombats
Kate Cooper Wombats  Avoca Beach
Jess Stenhouse Scots Wombats
Joanne Clancy Wodonga Magpies
Sherrie-Ann Bell Wodonga Magpies
Pippa Salmon Falcons Wodonga
Piper LockleyHinschen Wombats Falcons
Trent Remington Magpies Norths
Alice O'Reilly Wombats Scots
Sam Cupitt Norths CR United
Kim Harrison CR United Wodonga
Tamara Pretty Magpies Wombats
Jess Pretty Magpies Wombats
Jeremy Wall Scots United
Esme Curry Wodonga United
Tyler Nelson Norths Falcons
Victoria Stenhouse Scots Wombats
Alexandra Stenhouse Scots Wombats